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Patterns of Service-oriented Architecture: Idempotency Key

In this installment of our “Patterns of Service-oriented Architecture” series, we’re going to talk about a complex concept called idempotency, and a technique you can apply to your service design to ensure that requested work is only performed once.

R in pRoduction: theRe be dRagons!

R is an awesome tool for doing data science interactively, but has some defaults that make us worry about using it in production pipelines.

The Blissful Ignorance of the Narrative Fallacy

We have an innate and uncontrollable urge to explain things - even when there is nothing to explain. This post explores why we are prone to narrative fallacies. We start at an epic moment in sports history, Steph Curry breaking the record for most 3-pointers in a game, and draw conclusions for better decision making in business.

Multithreaded in the Wild

See who's out in the wild for the month of June.

Patterns of SOA: Background Job

This entry in our “Patterns of Service-oriented Architecture” is a very common one, but it bears discussion. It’s running code in a background process, instead of in a synchronous request a Consumer might be waiting on.

Building a Data Exploration Tool with React

Dora helps data scientists at Stitch Fix visually explore their data. Powered by React and Elasticsearch, it provides an intuitive UI for data scientists to take advantage of Elasticsearch's powerful functionality.

We're Talking about Engineering

You may have heard the news that we’re sharing more information about Stitch Fix. We’ve also been sharing our expertise. We’ve been busy ourselves talking about how we build systems here at Stitch Fix. Here are some talks our team has delivered in the last 2-3 weeks.

Patterns of SOA: Asynchronous Transaction

This is the first installment in the “Patterns of Service-oriented Architecture” series of posts, and we’ll start off with a widely-applicable pattern called Asynchronous Transaction. It’s a simple pattern to use when your service must perform long-running tasks before giving a definitive result to its consumer.

Patterns of Service-Oriented Architecture

This is the start of a blog series called “Patterns of Service-Oriented Architecture”, which is based on my experience at Stitch Fix (the first post is up if you want to get right to it!). Over the last four years, we’ve gone from a team of two developers and one Rails app, to almost 80 developers managing 40+ applications. These applications are a mixture of user-facing and headless services. While our technical architecture isn’t perfect, we’ve had relatively few major problems. Part of the reason for that is that we’ve done a decent job of identifying and re-applying patterns to solve similar technical challenges.

The Making of the Tour, Part 3: Micro-Animations

In this last installment of our Making of the Tour series, we look at some of the fun and random.