Thoughtfully writing a blog post

Trend Report I: White after labor day

Plaid is for fall; red on Valentine’s Day; no white after Labor Day. These are fashion adages we’ve all heard before -- that even John Oliver promotes. But how true are they? The Stitch Fix Algorithms team is in a unique position to quantitatively answer these questions for the first time. Given the season, we’ve decided to first take a look at the “No white after Labor Day” claim. How real is it?

Multithreaded in the Wild

As always, members of our algorithms and engineering teams are out and about this month!

Me and Time Management, Alone in the Thunderdome

Today, I feel pretty comfortable with my relationship to Time. That's a new thing for me to be able to say. Most of my adult life has felt like a Thunderdome style battle to the death with Time.

Photo Based Clothing Measurements

Data science begins not with data but with questions. And sometimes getting the data necessary to answer those questions requires some ingenuity.

Remote Pairing with Strangers

Somewhere in a closet in Texas, a desk sits, isolated from the noise of children and clanging dishes. From here, I gather my wits and connect to the outside world. I reach out to other devs.

1:1s | From Meeting to Multiplier

If there’s one thing we probably have in common, it’s that we both have a “1:1”. Some sort of regular check-in meeting with your manager. If you don’t, I urge you to fix that.

Embracing Immutable Server Pattern Deployment on AWS

On the algorithms team at Stitch Fix, we aim to give everyone enough autonomy to own and deploy all the code that they write, when and how they want to. This is challenging because the breadth of who is writing micro-services for what, covers a wide spectrum of use cases - from writing services to integrate with engineering applications, e.g. serving styling recommendations, to writing dashboards that consume and display data, to writing internal services to help make all of this function. After looking at the many deployment pipeline options out there, we settled on implementing the immutable server pattern.

Multithreaded in the Wild

We have an exciting line-up for the month of September. Come by and hear what we’re up to!

Building a Scalable Self-Service Data Pipeline (Part 1)

Data is embraced as a first class citizen at Stitch Fix. In order to power our complex machine learning algorithms used for styling, inventory management, fix scheduling and many other smart services, it is critical to have a scalable data pipeline implementation. This pipeline must consume and move data efficiently as well as provide low latency, high availability, and visibility.

Seasonal Trends at Stitch Fix

At Stitch Fix, we build tools that help us to delight our clients, which includes performing the thoughtful research that enables such tools. A great example of this is how we study methods for identifying temporal trends. Consider seasonality, which describes the cyclical patterns in how our client’s preferences change over a year. Identifying seasonal trends requires a mixture of time series analysis and machine learning that is challenging but of critical importance to a fashion retail organization.