Resque Brain - a Better resque-web

Dave Copeland

We use Resque at Stitch Fix…a lot. For background processing or getting work out of the web request/response loop, Resque is our go-to technology.

Because we have many single-purpose applications (instead of one awful MonoRail), we also have many Resque instances (we can’t have an influx of user signups cause shipping label generation to slow down, thus taking out the warehouse). Getting an overview of all of these instances at once is impossible with resque-web (you have to bounce between various instances and can’t see all your Resques in one place).

Today, we’re introducing Resque Brain, an open source application that monitors multiple resque instances. It has a mobile-friendly UI, and provides better tools for managing the failed queue. It also includes some basic monitoring and statistics tasks.

We’ve been using it for about a month. It’s open source, Apache-licensed, and ready for action. Source is on GitHub.


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