Welcome Jeff Magnusson, Director of Data Platform

Eric Colson

I am excited to announce the newest addition to the Stitch Fix algorithms team, Jeff Magnusson. Jeff will join us as the Director of Data Platform, and will be primarily responsible for developing the architecture on which the Stitch Fix algorithms will run.

Jeff was on my former team at Netflix where he played a lead role in designing the architecture that migrated Netflix’s big data infrastructure and data science teams from a data center based tech stack to a next-generation architecture running on the Amazon cloud.

While at Netflix, Jeff crafted several internal tools and services to extract insights from large, rich datasets and reduce the frictions often encountered when dealing with big data. By abstracting common processes into a cohesive, easy to use service layer, these tools increased the speed of iteration during development of algorithms and complex data flows, and resulted in the development of more reliable and maintainable code.

Jeff also contributed to the design and development of several open source projects like Aegisthus (a tool for ingesting data in bulk from Cassandra) and Lipstick (a service that visualizes and monitors big data workflows).

Some of the algorithms we use at Stitch Fix have very specialized processing that will challenge traditional technology. Jeff will help the Stitch Fix algorithms team innovate new techniques for analytic data processing. In addition, he will establish agile systems and processes that foster rapid evolution, allowing developers to quickly validate their hypotheses and roll out new versions of algorithms without undue process or risks.

On a more personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff both at Netflix, and in his function as an advisor to Stitch Fix. I’ve never met someone more passionate about coding. And, it’s contagious. He inspires each of us to instill a bit more elegance into our solutions. As we continue to evolve as a company, I believe his expertise and leadership will be instrumental in helping grow our algorithms team.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Stitch Fix algorithms and Engineering teams, please visit our Engineering and Algorithms Careers page for more information and current jobs listings.

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