The Most Colorful State

Zhou Yu and Eli Bressert
- San Francisco, CA

Throughout the year, people wear different types of clothes. As we transition from Summer to Fall, tanktops are replaced by sweaters, and as Spring turns into Summer, pants are replaced by shorts and skirts. But what about colors? Do people wear different colors to match the seasons? From anecdotal experience we would say yes. One might even guess that people tend to wear more gray/black clothing in New York vs. sunny Los Angeles during the Winter.

Stitch Fix interacts closely with its clientele and we get a lot of feedback from them regarding what clothes they keep, why they like them, and much more. Each item of clothing they keep has a ton of metadata, such as pattern, material, size, and most importantly for this post, color.

We collected and analyzed our data to see if there tends to be a trend of preferred colors throughout the year based on what clients purchase from our service. By looking at the changes in the most preferred colors from January to December of each state, we find that Kentucky has won the crown of the most colorful state, with 8 different preferred colors over 12 months! By comparison, Minnesota switches between only gray and light gray throughout the year. Where does your state stand? Check out the interactive map to find out.

The interactive map shows all the states in the US. Use the slider to pan through the months from January to December to see the most dominant color of each state. There are a few interesting patterns that we spotted: - There is a very sharp color change from light gray to gray between July and August. This may be due to our clients' anticipation of the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. - Green is a very popular color in many states in March while orange is very trendy in November! Explore the data and see what interesting trends you may find. Note, the colors here only represent blouses, tees, sweaters and other tops.
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