NY vs. LA: Who's the Flauntiest of Them All?

Tarek Rached, Eli Bressert, and Zhou Yu
- San Francisco, CA

When it comes to data, Stitch Fix and its customers have a symbiotic relationship. The more information we have about a customer’s preference in clothing, the better we can cater to them with clothes that match their liking. Our customers are aware of this and in turn provide high quality feedback on pricing, color, style, attributes to avoid, and so much more.

Taking all of this information into account, we have identified the “flauntiest” cities and states in the US. Who likes to bare their shoulders or wear something tight-fitting to show off their figure? As expected our customers vary in what they like to flaunt (and how much), but surprisingly this variation has strong geographic patterns.

Does LA outdo NY? Or does Miami cover less thanks to its warm weather down South? The answer: It’s complicated. New Yorkers love to show off their midsection, but LA likes to emphasize their chest. Check out the visualizations below for more details and to see how your city compares.

Top 10 Flauntiest Cities

1Hoboken, NJ
2Boston, MA
3Miami, FL
4Fort Lauderdale, FL
5New York, NY
6Boulder, CO
7Los Angeles, CA
8San Diego, CA
9San Francisco, CA
10Brooklyn, NY

Top 10 Flauntiest States

3New York
6New Jersey
9Rhode Island

Compare Cities

New York vs. Boston

It may come as a surprise that these two rival cities have found something to agree on. While Boston’s #1 flaunt is their legs and New Yorkers prefer to show off their midsection, women from both cities love to show a little shoulder.

New York vs. Los Angeles

New York and Los Angeles are day and night, even when it comes to their flaunts. Customers from Los Angeles are more likely to emphasize their chest, while New Yorkers much prefer to reveal their midsection and legs.

Clustering Cities by Flaunt

Beyond the boundaries of the cities and states, we identified flaunt tastes that span across the US. Curious how the cities and clusters differ from one another? Check out the interactive graphics below.

The lower the flaunt score is for one part of the body, legs for example, the lower it will be on the y-axis and vice versa for higher scores in the line chart. It’s amazing to see how the clusters showcase the main types of flaunts common among cities that are not strictly connected to one another geographically. In some latent form the common factors between these cities could be linked via culture, city-life, weather, and more.

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