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Brad Klingenberg, Hilary Parker, Stefan Krawczyk, and Chris Moody
- San Francisco, CA

Happy New Year! As always, members of our algorithms and engineering teams are out and about this January!

Las Vegas, NV

One of our directors Brad Klingenberg, will be participating as part of a panel at CES 2017 on Big Data: Using Analytics to Outpace Your Competition. Come hear him give his opinion on embracing data-focused strategies on January 7th!

Kissimmee, FL

Hilary Parker will be presenting at the R Studio Conference on Opinionated Analysis Development. Hilary is also known for being a co-host of the Not So Standard Deviations podcast series, in addition to being known internally for having opinions. Her talk is scheduled for the 14th.

Austin, TX

Stefan Krawczyk, from the data platform team, will be presenting at Data Day Texas on January 14th. Come hear him talk about how Stitch Fix has scaled infrastructure to handle over eighty data scientists.

Bay Area, CA

Chris Moody, is busy attending two conferences. The first in Santa Clara, he’ll be part of a panel on Global AI on January 19th at the Global Big Data Conference. He’ll then be presenting on Interpretatibility in Deep Learning and Variational Methods, at the Deep Learning Summit on January 26th.

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