Multithreaded in the Wild

Hilary Parker, Katherine Livins, and Sky Yin
- San Francisco, CA

Well January flew by! For the month of February we have the following out and about:

Stanford, CA

First on deck, Hilary Parker, of our styling team, will talk “Online Experimentation: A/B Testing and Beyond” at a lunch break out session at WiDS on February 3rd. So come prepared with your tested (😉) questions!

Santa Clara, CA

Katherine Livins, part of our Human Computation Team, will speak at the Cognitive Computing Enthusiasts meetup about Feature Selection For Human Recommenders. You can catch her on February 7th.

Boston, MA

Hear us talk tech with Sky Yin from the Merch/Data Platform team. He’ll be at Spark Summit East talking shop about Migrating from Redshift to Spark at Stitch Fix. His talk is scheduled for February 8th in the afternoon.

Up & Coming

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