Multithreaded in the Wild

Chris Moody, Eric Colson, Hilary Parker, and Katherine Livins
- San Francisco, CA

Hey hey, this month we have four Stitch Fixers out in the wild, some multiple times!

San Francisco, CA

Chris Moody, will be speaking at Oh.Hai.Ai on March 6th at 2:20pm. He’ll be reviewing applied deep learning techniques we use at Stitch Fix.

Katherine Livins, will be speaking at the Machine Intelligence Summit on March 24th, coincidentally like Chris, she’ll also be starting her talk at 2:20pm. Her talk is titled “Better Together: Building Human/Computer Hybrid Systems For Better Client Outcomes”.

Austin, TX

Eric Colson, our Chief Algorithm Officer, will be at SXSW. He’ll be part of a panel titled “Data Alone Can’t Decode the Fashion Industry”, discussing how data and humans interact with the Fashion Industry. The panel is on March 11th, at 12:30pm.

San Jose, CA

Catch Eric Colson again, this time at Strata+Hadoop World. He’ll be speaking about “… unintuitive lessons learned for unlocking value” with regard to data science teams. This talk will be on March 16th at 2:40pm. You’ll also have the opportunity to catch him at an office hour from 3:30pm after this talk.

Las Vegas, NV

If you didn’t catch him before, you’ll be able to catch Eric Colson once more, this time at ShopTalk. He will be part of a panel on “Optimizing retail value chain through analytics”, which will be looking at how you can “… deploy technology and teams of data scientists to enable smarter decision-making …”. Catch this panel on March 21st 4:30pm.

Montreal, QC

Hilary Parker, will be at McGill University as part of the Biostatistics seminar series. Catch her at 3:30pm in Room 24 at Purvis Hall on March 21st.

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