Multithreaded in the Wild

Tatsiana Maskalevich and Elizabeth Bennett
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, this month we have two Stitch Fixers out in the wild.

Boston, MA

Tatsiana Maskalevich, who heads up Styling Algorithms and Research, will be giving a tutorial at TDWI Accelerate. Her tutorial is titled “Art and Science of Forecasting”. She’ll go over a variety of forecasting techniques, and also discuss the art part of forecasting. You can attend her tutorial on Tuesday April 4th at 10:30am.

San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth Bennett, part of our Data Platform Team, will be giving an introductory talk at DataEngConf about “Big Data’s Unsung Hero: The Log”, as part of the Data Science track. In it she’ll cover why logs are so valuable, what makes them different, as well as common technology used to process logs. Catch her talk on Friday April 28th at 11:30am.

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