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Jonathan Wallace
- Athens, Ga

You may have heard the news that we’re sharing more information about Stitch Fix. We’ve also been sharing our expertise. We’ve been busy ourselves talking about how we build systems here at Stitch Fix. Here are some talks our team has delivered in the last 2-3 weeks.

  1. DevOps, Microservices, Tools and Processes, a podcast interview by Randy Shoup in GC OnDemand.
    • How we operate applications and use cloud infrastructure at Stitch Fix
    • Why we are migrating from Heroku to Amazon Web Services
  2. Effective Microservices in a Data-centric World, by Randy Shoup at GOTOChicago2017. (video, slides)
    • How we organize teams and build applications at Stitch Fix
    • Sharing and managing data in a highly modular system
  3. Rough to Fine: Programming Lessons from Woodworking, by Mark Simoneau at RailsConf2017. (video)
    • Beautifully relevant lessons from woodworking to software development
    • Mark builds a table in his home shop!
  4. Managing Unmanageable Complexity: Using Checklists in Software, by Patrick Joyce at RailsConf2017. (video)
    • Lessons using lightweight checklists from aviation and surgery, as applied to software
  5. The Effective Remote Developer, by Dave Copeland at RailsConf2017. (video, slides)
    • How to be your best self as a remote engineer
  6. Tailoring Mentorship: Achieving the Best Fit, by Jonathan Wallace. (video, slides, slides with presenter notes)
    • Establishing effective high-quality mentoring relationships
  7. Implementing the Web Speech API for Voice Data Entry, by Cameron Jacoby at RailsConf2017. (video, slides)
    • Building our voice-controlled Points of Measure application for measuring garments
  8. Build to Last: A domain-driven approach to beautiful systems, by contractor Andrew Hao at RailsConf2017. (video, slides)
    • Defining boundaries and relationships among software components
    • Building complex systems from simple parts
  9. Perusing the Rails Source Code: A Beginner’s Guide, by Alex Kitchens at RailsConf2017. (video, slides, blog)
    • Top level breakdown of the Rails source code
    • Steps you can take to dig into and understand the Ruby on Rails codebase

Do you have a favorite from our above talks and interviews?

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