Multithreaded in the Wild

Brad Klingenberg, Sonya Berg, Jasmine Nettiksimmons, Cassandra Jacobs, Stefan Krawczyk, Hoda Eydgahi, and Jana Beck
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, be sure to keep an eye out for our Stitch Fixers this month.

Arlington, Virginia

Brad Klingenberg, our VP of Data Science, will be keynoting the 2017 edition of Higher Logic’s Super Forum running from October 15–17 in Arlington, VA.

San Francisco, California

Sonya Berg, part of our Onboarding Algorithms team, will be speaking at the Data Institute Annual Conference #DSCO17 in San Francisco,CA. Her talk on October 16, 2017 is titled “Personalization outside the box.”

Seattle, Washington

Jasmine Nettiksimmons, part of our Stylist Optimization team, will be in Seattle to speak at Accelerate. Do check out her talk on October 17, 2017 titled “Data Science with Humans in the Loop.”

Budapest, Hungary

Cassandra Jacobs, part of our Styling Recommendations team, is traveling to Budapest, Hungary to speak at Crunch - Data Engineering and Analytics Conference. She will be speaking on October 18, 2017 and her topic is “Imposing structure on unstructured text at Stitch Fix.”

Seattle, Washington

Stefan Krawczyk, part of our data platform team, will be speaking about “Scaling Data Science at Stitch Fix” at NLP Day at Data Day Seattle 2017 on October 20, 2017.

Berkeley, California

Hoda Eydgahi, part of our Styling and CX Algorithms team, will be speaking at Data Dialogs 2017 at UC Berkeley on October 23, 2017. The title for her talk is “From Marketing to Matchmaking: ‘Full Stack’ Data Science.” Be sure to check it out.

Toronto, Canada

Jana Beck, part of our data platform team, will be at FullStack Toronto in Toronto, Canada. She speaks on October 24, 2017 and her talk is titled “Conversing with ES2015 and Generators.”

See you there :)

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