Multithreaded in the Wild

Elizabeth Bennett, Sonya Berg, Sky Yin, Tim Sweetser, and Tatsiana Maskalevich
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, check out what our fellow Stitch Fixers are doing this month.

San Francisco, California

Elizabeth Bennett, part of our Data Platform team, will be speaking at an Elasticsearch Meetup on November 2, 2017 at 6:00pm, which is hosted by Stitch Fix at our very own HQ. Her talk is called “Elasticsearch: When to Host On-Premise and When to Turn to SaaS” and she will discuss the important factors that play into the decision of whether to run your own ES cluster or not.

Sonya Berg, part of our Onboarding Algorithms team, will be at the University of San Francisco Seminar Series in Analytics on November 10, 2017 at 12:30pm. Her talk is “Lessons in A/B Testing” where she talks about how to help bridge the gap between the theoretical experiment design that can appear seamless in textbooks to the many challenges and obstacles we run into in practice.

Sky Yin, part of our Data Platform team, will be at Scale by the Bay on November 16, 2017. Be sure to catch his talk at 1:40pm. The topic is “Inventory History as Pure Functions ” where he explains the inventory history service which helps Stitch Fix in better inventory management.

New York, New York

Tim Sweetser, part of our Styling Recommendations team, will be at PyData 2017 on November 27, 2017 in New York. His talk is titled “Diamond: mixed-effects models in Python” where he talks about using mixed effects models for recommender systems.

Santa Clara, California

Tatsiana Maskalevich, who leads our Stylist & CX algorithms team, will be at the AI Expo North America 2017 on November 30, 2017. Join her at 3pm for a panel discussion on “Predictive analytics for customer recommendations.”

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