Multithreaded in the Wild

Neelesh Salian, Anna Schneider, and Hilary Parker
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, check out what our fellow Stitch Fixers are doing in the first month of the New Year.

Santa Clara, CA

Neelesh Salian, part of our data platform team, will be at the Global Artificial Intelligence Conference. His talk “Apache Spark in the hands of Data Scientists”, on January 19 at 9:40am, gives a overview of the Apache Spark Infrastructure at Stitch Fix.

Vancouver, Canada

Anna Schneider, part of our Merch Product Development team, will be presenting at PyCascades 2018 in Vancouver, BC on January 23 at 9:45am. Her talk titled “Navigating unconscious bias”, uses evidence-based, positive tools for dealing with biased situations, whether you’re the target, the speaker, or a bystander. Be sure to check it out.

Austin, Texas

Hilary Parker, part of our styling algorithm organization, will be at Data Day Texas 2018 on January 27. She is an R and statistics enthusiast, and will be speaking as part of R User Day at Data Day Texas See you there :)

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