Multithreaded in the Wild

Eric Colson, Hilary Parker, Laura John, and Daragh Sibley
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, check out where our fellow Stitch Fixers are speaking in the month of March.

San Francisco, CA

Hilary Parker, part of our styling algorithm organization, presented her talk “Using Data Effectively: Beyond Art and Science” at the Women in Data Science (WiDS at Stanford) on March 4 at 10:00am.

Laura John, who leads our Analytics Engineering team, was part of a panel discussion titled “Demystifying the Analytics Interview Process and Career Fair” on 13 March at 5:00pm at the San Francisco Women in Data event.

Eric Colson, our Chief Algorithms Officer, and Daragh Sibley, who leads our Merch Product Development team, are co-presenting their talk “How to make fewer bad decisions” at Strata Data Conference on March 27 at 2:40pm.

Austin, TX

Eric Colson will also be at SXSW 2019. He is part of a panel discussion titled AI: Transforming our Social Lifestyles on March 13 at 12:30pm.

Be sure to join us at these events :)

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