Multithreaded in the Wild

Erin Boyle, Anna Schneider, Brad Klingenberg, Eric Colson, Daragh Sibley, and Thomas Millar
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, check out where our fellow Stitch Fixers are speaking in the month of May.

San Francisco, CA

Erin Boyle, author of Understanding Latent Style, and Anna Schneider, a DS manager on Merch., will be presenting lightning talks at the Girl Geek dinner. This dinner is being hosted at Stitch Fix on May 7th starting at 5:30pm.

Brad Klingenberg, our VP of Data Science, will be giving a keynote at the Subjectivity, Ambiguity and Disagreement (SAD) in Crowdsourcing workshop. This workshop is being hosted as part of WebConf 2019 on May 14th.

New York, NY

Eric Colson, our Chief Algorithms Officer, and Daragh Sibley, who leads our Merch. Product Development team, are co-presenting their talk “How to make fewer bad decisions” at the Rev2 on May 23rd at 2:40pm.

Thomas Millar, part of our data platform team, will be a guest on the On-Call Me Maybe podcast. He’ll be talking about distributed tracing and the strategies we used to get 100% coverage of our services in Algorithms. It’ll be recorded this month, and hopefully released soon thereafter.

Be sure to catch us at these events :)

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