Multithreaded in the Wild

Sven Schmit and Miriam Leon
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, check out where our fellow Stitch Fixers are speaking in the month of November.

Boston / Virtual

Sven Schmit will give a talk titled “The Virtual Warehouse: countering spillover effects and experimenting with inventory constraints” at MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE) 2020 on November 19th.

Abstract: We introduce an experimentation framework we use at Stitch Fix to deal with complications from inventory constraints: the virtual warehouse. We discuss how inventory constraints can introduce spillover effects that bias experimental outcomes, and how we circumvent this problem using the virtual warehouse. Beyond negating spillover effects, the virtual warehouse can be used to test interventions on the inventory constraints themselves in order to experiment with inventory management policies.

Miriam Leon, will be presenting a poster titled “Quantifying trade-offs between competing metrics in multi-objective contextual multi-armed bandit experiments” at MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE) 2020 on November 19th.

Abstract: We discuss how Stitch Fix navigates competing business objectives when making decisions about where to divert our clients’ attention. We present a contextual multi-objective multi-armed bandit (MOO-MAB) framework that allows us to quantify and navigate these trade-offs.

Be sure to catch us at these events :)

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