Algo Hour - ML + UX: Building ML Products for People | Michelle Carney

Algo Hour
- San Francisco, CA


Michelle Carney(@michelleRcarney) is a Computational Neuroscientist turned UX Researcher, whose practice focuses on the intersection of Data Science and UX. Currently a Senior UX Researcher on Google’s AIUX Team, Michelle’s projects focus on combining Machine Learning and UX on cool projects happening at Google AI, including Magenta’s latest Tone Transfer project and People + AI Research team! Outside of work, Michelle organizes the Machine Learning and UX Meetup, and teaches at the Stanford on Designing Machine Learning.

Talk Abstract:

Can you do UX Research on machine learning systems? Can you get feedback from real users before the AI has been built? Can you even test an ML system before you have a production-ready model? Yes, yes, and yes! In this talk, Michelle Carney will share about how she combines her background in machine learning with her expertise in UX - including the MLUX meetup she organizes, her favorite resource the People + AI Research Guidebook, and a case study on her process of doing UXR for ML.

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