Multithreaded in the Wild

Brian Amadio, Timothy Brathwaite, and Katherine Schinkel
- San Francisco, CA

Hello Stitch Fix followers, check out where our fellow Stitch Fixers are speaking in the month of March.

Remote Talks

Katherine Schinkel, will be at 2021 Women in Data Science Charlottesville on March 19th.

Description: Hear from a panel of UVA alumnae discuss their path from the University of Virginia to industry. After learning about their paths into data science, join the panelists in breakout rooms for more intimate networking sessions.

Timothy Brathwaite, will be at Arizona State University Transportation Webinar Series on March 19th.

Description: Are you interested in machine learning? Are you interested in how humans make choices? Perhaps you’ve become excited about the idea of combining machine learning and discrete choice models? That’s great, and the combination can sometimes work wonderfully. Or… it can fail to produce anything deemed of econometric value. This talk will NOT be about the newest, latest, and greatest combination of ML and discrete choice. Instead, this talk helps you prevent the all-too common experience of failure. It is about the many ways that combining ML and discrete choice can go wrong, and methods to avoid these pitfalls. This talk draws on five years of professional experience, eight years of research experience, and thousands of hours of reading, to reveal four common errors, any of which can ensure that no matter how many (multiple) choices we give them, the machines never learn.

Brian Amadio, will be at AI Superstream Series: AI & ML in Production on March 17th.

Description: Brian will show off a new open-source library for deterministic multi-armed bandit strategies, talk about the challenges of running bandits in production, and some methods he and the Experimentation Platform team have developed to solve them.

Be sure to catch us at these events :)

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