NBA Season Kickoff

- San Francisco, CA

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Today is the start of the 2017-2018 NBA Season. Basketball statistics have become a rich and intriguing domain of study, bringing new insights and advantages to the teams that embrace such empiricism. Of course, the framing and analytic techniques used to study basketball are generalizations - they also give intuition to problems in business or other domains (and vice versa). So, for all the basketball statistics enthusiasts out there, as well as those that are looking for inspirations for their own analytic challenges, we thought we’d share a compendium of our past basketball-related posts.

Enjoy (and go dubs!)

Written for the 2016-2017 Season:

I’d Rather Predict Basketball Games Than Elections: Elastic NBA Rankings.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up… Or, Can You? The Blissful Ignorance of the Narrative Fallacy

Written for the 2015-2016 Season:

Will Golden State Cruise to the Title this Year?

Strength in Numbers: Why Golden State Deserved to Win it All

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