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1 on 1 with Nitika Daga, Engineering Manager

An excerpt from an interview with Code Climate and Codecademy on how to transition from IC to engineering manager and tips for new managers.

Experimentation with resource constraints

When it comes to experimentation, different business models face unique challenges that require thinking beyond the simple randomized control trial to inform decisions critical to the success of companies. At Stitch Fix, we are no exception. Inventory constraints create an undesirable link between observations under different experimental variations. To deal with this, we use the virtual warehouse to split the inventory virtually across variants of an experiment. Furthermore, virtual warehouses also make it easy for us to test different inventory management strategies empirically.

TypeScript + React = ❤️

A video recording of a talk from TSConf 2020 teaching how the use of strong types with TypeScript can prevent bugs in React apps.

Multithreaded in the Wild

See who's out in the wild for the month of November.

2020 Summer Intern Projects

A sampling of the projects and areas of research done by our 2019 summer interns.

What Color Is This? Part 2

More info about the algorithms we use to detect our items' colors

What makes a good estimator?

What makes a good estimator? What is an estimator? Why should I care?

Algo Hour - Modern Time Series Analysis With STUMPY | Sean Law

Algo Hour, Sept 22th, 2020 - Featuring Sean Law!

Public Algo Hour, Sept 22th, 2020 - Modern Time Series Analysis With STUMPY | Sean Law

Join the Stitch Fix Algorithms team for Algo-Hour; Sept 22th, 2020 at 2:00PM PST, featuring Sean Law!

What Color Is This?

We need to know what colors our merch is. But because downstream users include many different people and algorithms, we need to describe colors as a hierarchy, not just one label.