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Newsvendor Problem – The Tale of the First Formula in the Textbook

An introduction to the Newsvendor model and exploration of challenges when objectives are cross functional.

2019 Summer Intern Projects

A sampling of the projects and areas of research done by our 2019 summer interns.

Many Roads to the Algorithms Team at Stitch Fix

The diversity of the problems we work on, and the data-rich environment of our business, make it more than possible, even essential, to bring the tools of multiple disciplines to bear on our hardest problems.

Moving Beyond Deterministic Optimization: Making a Decision in the Face of Uncertainty

Stochastic programming enables optimal decision making in the face of uncertainty.

A Framework for Responsible Innovation

How can a successful technology organization balance the need to innovate with the desire to maintain a lean, consistent tech stack?

Building our Centralized Experimental Platform

Running an A/B test is easy. Screwing up an A/B test is even easier.

Moving from Data-Driven to AI-Driven: The Next Step in the Evolution of Business Workflows

Embracing AI in our workflows affords better processing of structured data and allows humans to contribute in ways that are complementary.

Give Me Jeans not Shoes: How BERT Helps Us Deliver What Clients Want

“Give me jeans not shoes.” That may seem like a simple request, but when we process that bit of text with our human brains, we take a lot for granted.

Simulacra And Selection

How many sets of 5 can you make from 10,000 distinct items? Recall that chapter about permutations and combinations...

Maintainable ETLs: Tips for Making Your Pipelines Easier to Support and Extend

This post gives practical advice that will help make your ETL pipelines easier to debug, maintain, and extend.