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Masters of Data interview: Better together, the future of humans and machines

Listen to the Masters Of Data podcast that features Brad Klingenberg. Hear what it’s like to work on the algorithms team at Stitch Fix and how combining humans and machines may represent the future of work.

Beware the data science pin factory: The power of the full-stack data science generalist and the perils of division of labor through function

This post discusses the benefits of full-stack data science generalists over narrow functional specialists. The later will help you execute and bring process efficiencies. But, the former will help you learn, innovate, and bring a step-change in value - such is the role of data science.

Multithreaded in the Wild

See who's out in the wild for the month of March

Let Curiosity Drive: Fostering Innovation in Data Science

How to create an environment to empower your data scientists to come up with ideas you’ve never dreamed of.

Multithreaded in the Wild

See who's out in the wild for the month of January

Your Client Engagement Program Isn't Doing What You Think It Is.

This post explores the use of multi-arm and contextual bandits as a framework for structuring outreach and client engagement programs.

Putting the Power of Kafka into the Hands of Data Scientists

How Stitch Fix designed and built a scalable, centralized and self-service data integration platform tailored to the needs of their Data Scientists.

Synesthesia: The Sound of Style

If we could assign sounds to items of clothing, what would a Fix sound like?

Understanding Latent Style

This post explores the use of matrix factorization not just for recommendations, but for understanding style preference more broadly.

Add Constrained Optimization To Your Toolbelt

This post is an introduction to constrained optimization aimed at data scientists and developers fluent in Python, but without any background in operations research or applied math. We'll demonstrate how optimization modeling can be applied to real problems at Stitch Fix. At the end of this article, you should be able to start modeling your own business problems.